Gegen powder charge

菜谱介绍: Gegen powder charge Kudzu's function and function Ge root, taste gan, xin, sexual ping, belong to spleen, stomach, lung, bladder. Decomptropsis; To publish a transparent diagnosis; To quench thirst; The sun rises and stops. Primary exothermic fever; Head pain; Early measles; The rash is unsmooth; Be thirsty; Collateral; Diarrhea; Diarrhea; High blood pressure. Coronary heart disease. 1. Dilation of blood vessels Pueraria lobata flavone and puerarin can improve myocardial oxygen metabolism, beneficial effects on myocardial metabolism, at the same time can dilate blood vessels, improving microcirculation, reducing vascular resistance, increase blood flow, so the available prevention and treatment of myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, hypertension, atherosclerosis and other diseases. 2. Pueraria acetone extract has the effect of restoring body temperature and is effective for a variety of fevers. It is often used for fever, thirst, upset, etc. 3. Lowering the fat Puer

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  • water. One cup of water.
  • Puerarin powder Two tablespoons of


  1. Two teaspoons of kudzu powder
  2. Hot water


When using boiled water, stir with a spoon.wanggou66,provide


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